Small Makeup/Beauty Hall: Chanel, Maybelline, etc.

Hello everyone, I feel extremely embarrassed. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in like 2 months because, well, I’ve been busy. But, from now on I will try and post something every other day.

So, today I’m doing a small beauty hall. The things that I’m going to show you, I have collected over the past week. So, enjoy!

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First Item: Chanel Lipstick


This is my first Chanel lipstick and I love it. I don’t think I’m ever going to use it because I want to savor it!

My mum and dad went to London for the weekend, and my mum said that she went past the Chanel boutique and couldn’t resist getting me something.

The lipstick is called Rouge Allure in 104 Passion, it was £25 if any of you are interested in buying it. I would recommend it, even though it is expensive.

Second Item: Argan Oil


I went round to my cousins house the other day and she had this hair product, she put a bit on my hair and it made my hair feel GORGEOUS. Unfortunately, she had got it from her hairdressers for £35. So, I went on a search and got an equally as good one for only £10. So I was proud!

I would recommend this product if you want shiny beautiful hair.

Third item: Maybelline Foundation

MAYBE ITS MAYBELLINE Maybe it’s Maybelline. I got this foundation because well my other one was rubbish. It was hard to rub in and made me look orange even though it was a pale colored foundation. So, my mum had enough with me looking like an orange and agreed to buy me a new one, which I was happy with. So I got this one instead, it was on offer so I think it was about £10. So far, I have loved it, I use a sponge to apply it and it goes on flawlessly and it feels like I have no make up on. So far, this foundation hasn’t got a flaw. I have it in IVORY 010. (WARNING: The photo has a psd on it, so it looks darker than usual)

Fourth Item: Collection Bronzer


I got this bronzer, because well I needed a bronzer and all the fashion bloggers and vloggers I’d looked at all said that it is a must have so I bought a cheap one from Collection. So far, this bronzer has been brilliant and my cheeks have been a wonderful colour. This bronzer is called Mosaic, and was only like £3-4, so if you want a cheap but good bronzer I would recommend this one. But, onnce this one is finished, I will invest in a more expensive one.

I hope you liked it, and I hope you have took some tips on what to buy. Thank you for reading, every like and every follow is appreciated.

Thank you again,


ps. If you have any recommendations on what I should do next then please comment below!


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