Ok, this is a short and boring post but I needed to update my blog. (I’m making a tutorial so I haven’t been on.

So, I decided to show you some of the prettiest (personally) and best models of 2013.

Number 5. I wasn’t really sure where to put Miranda Kerr. But I decided to put her here, because although she is incredibly gorgeous and beautiful there are few more better than her.


Number 4. Ok, Natalia Vodianova is incredibly hot and I feel ashamed to put her down as number 4 but I have to sorry Natalia.


3. Kate Moss, she’s been around for ages and she’s still perfect. I think she’s the second highest paid model. But, there are still two people that are above her (personally).


2. Cara Delevigne. As much as I adore Cara (I think its turning into an obsession) she isn’t first. She was named the model of the year 2012 by Vogue so I think she deserves to be in second place.



I’m sure you all saw that coming, she is one of the highest paid models, earning $45 million pounds. She has remained the highest paid model for 6 consecutive years which I think is amazing. As well as being rich, she is also beautiful, gorgeous AND incredibly sexy. So a round of applause for the wonderful Gisele!


Thank you for reading, there will be a more interesting post in a couple of days so watch out.

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Thea x


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