Want list

My clothes,makeup and accessories list is endless. Half the stuff I set my eyes, I want. But unfortunately I am not blessed with money to spend freely without worrying about it. I’m sure most of us are aswell, so I’m going to show you my want list. Eventually I will get enough to buy these clothes (fingers crossed!)


Topshop is my favorite shop, so if I wanted an item of clothing to go out in, I would automatically think of Topshop. So, to save you from an endless list of clothes I’m going to create an outfit for you!

Oversize Grey Check Shirt: £35.00

Wax Coated Denim Leggings: £30.00

Popper Front Boyfriend Coat: £89.00

LUCA Lace Up Peep Platforms: £88.00

XL Chain Ear Tunnel: £10.00

Croc Leather Insert Tote Bag: £95.00

Total:  £282.00 (Bloody hell!)


To be honest I only went on H&M to stare at David Beckham, but some items caught my eye as I scrolled down.

Ankle Boots: £34.99

Angora Jumper: £34.99

Acid Wash Jeans: £14.99

Total: £84.97


Benefit, oh, Benefit. If I had millions of pounds I would buy everything in your shop. I love Benefit nearly as much as I love Topshop, which is a lot, trust me.

They’re Real! Mascara: £18.50 (this number makes me cry inside)

The POREfessional: £23.50 (so does this one)

Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW: £24.50 (this ones not so bad)

Foamingly Clean Facial Wash: £16.50

Total: £83.oo

GRAND TOTAL: £449.97

Hopefully I can save that up, which I highly doubt it, anyway if you are lucky enough to have enough money to buy some of these things then go ahead and buy them and then post a picture on instagram of your wearing it and tag #vivelefashionwantlist

GIVEAWAY UPDATE: I didn’t get enough likes or follows, so I will only open it when I eventually get there. Sorry!

Instagram: vivelefashion or thealoveslawrence

Thank you




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